learning to live and love from a new perspective


I feel like i have a lot to say… so I started this blog. It could turn out that now that the forum is here, that really, I’ve got nothing. But, who knows? I have a feeling that there will be lots. Some topics and feelings that I am aware of. Some that will surprise me. All I know right now, is that we have been living with an autism diagnosis since November 22, 2011. That’s one year, four months, and 26 days. It feels longer than an eternity, and at the same time, it feels like shorter than a heartbeat.

I feel like this is mostly a story of a mom. A mom whose hopes of a “normal life” for her child are dashed when the EI practitioners start talking about “red flags” and “warning signs”. It’s the story of a marriage that is challenged by the stress of parenting a special needs child. It’s the story of a sister struggling to understand her brother’s unusual behavior. (“Mom, why doesn’t Gabe ever want to play with me?”). And, of course, it is the story of a precious, beautiful, unusual, sometimes frustrating,sometimes heartbreaking, but always lovable boy.


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