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No Pushing

We had an uncomfortable moment at the playground over the weekend. G was playing on the structure. A little girl (toddler, around 18 months, but very small) came and stood between G and the top of the slide. I had my back to them, so I didn’t see exactly what happened, but I heard the little girl’s mom yell (at G), “No pushing!!!” I imagine that the girl was blocking G’s access to the slide, and in his inability to access the right words, G pushed her out of his way. I apologized profusely to the other mom, and told her we are working on “safe hands”. I reprimanded G, and had him apologize to the little girl. But I was shaken. I could see the episode from the other mom’s perspective. G just barely turned four, but he looks like he’s at least five and a half. I could imagine what it was like for the other mom to have her baby shoved down a slide by a much bigger kid. I was grateful she accepted my apology… but I’m not looking forward to continuing to playing this part in the future.


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