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You want to know what was really NOT fun? Potty training. Potty training in general is not for sissies. But potty training with special needs? That takes it to a whole new level. G had a total fear of peeing on the potty. And, while most of the time he is sweet, lovable, and easy-going… when it comes to doing something he doesn’t want to do… his stubbornness is nothing short of astonishing. So, here’s how the potty training went in our house. First, we had to get rid of D and S. Not for an hour or two. Not for the morning. For the WHOLE DAY. Because, when G decided he wasn’t going to pee on the potty… that meant he was going to hold it. All day. I could wait him out for 4-4.5 hours. But when hour five rolled around, I caved and slapped on a diaper. Boom. Out came the pee. Weekend, after weekend, after weekend. S and D went to the science museum, children’s museum, Hebrew school, visit to grandma’s house. What did G and I do? Potty train. Weekend after weekend after weekend. Now, a full ten months after the first attempt, I would say we are pretty close to finished. But, man, this is a job that has me earning the title of supermom!!


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