learning to live and love from a new perspective

The name of the game in our house (as I’m sure is the same as so many homes affected by autism) is “cognitive rigidity”. With so much internal chaos due to sensory processing difficulties, G latches on to his routines and rituals. At breakfast, his place needs to be set the same every day. From left to right: vitamin on napkin, then plate, then milk. Who goes up the stairs first? G, always G. One day, I had the audacity to park in a DIFFERENT spot when we went to drop S off at school. (I thought it might save time to undershoot, and walk the extra block, rather than overshoot, and circle around to where we normally park. In case you were wondering, after we finished with the twenty minute tantrum, no time was actually saved.) So, yeah, if you want to know how our family is affected by autism? Two words: cognitive rigidity.


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