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Mommy Camp

We’re halfway through Mommy Camp at the Lobron house. My camper insists on beginning every day with circle time. It goes a little like this. Our lights person (G) indicates that circle time is about to begin by flipping the lights on and off. Then, we gather on the rug, and the calendar person (G) lets us know what the day and date is. Then, the weather person (G) checks the weather (today’s weather was sunny with a few clouds). The child of the week (GIMG_2524


IMG_2526) has a chance to do show and tell (today’s show and tell was Silly Putty.) We go over the day’s schedule…. and we’re off and running! Just in case you were wondering… you can take the preschooler out of the classroom, but don’t even think about having mommy camp without circle time, folks! (5 photos)

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