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G has just come into the kitchen to tell me he has gotten dressed ALL BY HIMSELF!  He is bouncing an inch off the floor–  he’s so proud.  I’m proud, too.  We’ve been working on this for a while.  It’s a skill that’s been broken into small steps, taught, re-taught and drilled over the course of two years.  That being said, it’s a skill that hasn’t been fully mastered.  There are things (like buttons and snaps) that still present a frustrating challenge.  Then there’s my personal favorite…  the double underwear dilemma.  Which is where we find ourselves today.


G:  Mommy, guess what?  I got dressed ALL BY MYSELF!

Me:  G, that’s awesome!  I’m so proud of you!!

G:  Me too.  I’m so proud of me!

Me:  G, I have a question.  What’s that peeking out of your pants?

G:  (Examines his waistline).  That’s my underpants.

Me:  Yeah.   How many pairs have you got there?

G:  (Looks a little closer.  Counts.).  One, two.  I’ve got two!

Me:  Exactly.  Is that the right number for underpants?

G:  It’s the right number for socks.

Me:  Yes.  But is it the right number for underpants?

G:  No.  Underpants should be one.  One is the right number for underpants.

Me:  Hmmm.  I wonder what happened.  I wonder if you forgot to take off the robot underpants from yesterday before you put on the new green underpants for today.  (Ed note:  G is totally enjoying this conversation.  Underpants is one of his favorite words.)

G:  That’s a problem.

Me:  It’s not a big problem.  What do you think we can do about it?

G:  I can try again?

Me:  Sure.  Maybe we can use some supervision this time. 

G:  What’s supervision?

Me:  It’s when somebody’s watching you.  Go find dad and see if he can give you some supervision.


G leaves the kitchen.  He returns five minutes later.  I check his waistband.  I can see we’ve made great strides towards solving the problem…  but we’re not all the way there, yet.


Me:  G, it looks like you’ve got the right number of underpants on!

G:  That’s right.  I’ve got one pair!

Me:  I have one more question.  Do you have on the new green underpants… or the old robot underpants from yesterday?

G:  (peeking into his waistband to check it out).  Oh, no.  It’s the robot ones.

Me:  That’s too bad.  I thought Dad was going to supervise.

G:  Me too.  I knew I should have been watching him better!


Comments on: "Supervision" (4)

  1. Next time I will ask him if he’s paying attention!

  2. I love that he thought HE was supposed to be watching YOU!!

  3. THis is too awesome for words :)))) made me smile!!

  4. Thanks, Erin! It’s all about maintaining your sense of humor, right?

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