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G receives many hours of services and support at school and home.  People often ask me questions about the content of those services.  I had this idea of dedicating one blog post a week to describing some of the skills G works on in various settings and how it helps him at school and home.   So….  welcome to “Teaching Strategy Tuesday”!  This week’s post will be devoted to Kid Connections.  Kid Connections is a Social Pragmatics curriculum that is offered to kids in our town at the elementary school level.  Twice each week, G meets with his “Social Smarts” group.  The group learns about a new social skill each month through stories, games and activities.  G enjoys this group.  A couple of months ago, I was working on a project for G’s teacher, and I was stationed out in the hall for about an hour.  During this time, the Social Smarts group had their meeting.  They were playing “Hi Ho Cherry-O”, while also learning about “Thinking About Me vs. Thinking About Others” behavior.  Throughout the game, the teachers encouraged each child to consider the effect their statements and choices had on their friends.  For example, when one child INSISTED on having the green bucket, the teacher asked if he was “thinking about me” or “thinking about others”.  The child concluded he was “thinking about me”.  The teacher said it was okay.  Green was the child’s favorite color, and it’s okay to “think about me” sometimes.  But, if this child was going to get the green bucket (over the protests of another green-loving child named Corey), what was a way he could think about others next?  The child pondered this…  then came up with a solution.  “How about if I get the green bucket, but I let Corey go first?”  And there you have it…  thinking of me followed by thinking of others.  All young children need support in this area.  Our kids just need a little extra.

The curriculum comes with an excellent newsletter that is sent home once a month.  Reading the newsletter has really helped me develop a common vocabulary with G and his teachers.  This is an example of the first Kid Connection unit way back in September:

photo 1

The curriculum is based on the work of ASD guru Michelle Garcia Winner.  If you are an ASD parent and you haven’t read this book….  you should.  I highly recommend it!!

photo 2


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  1. I love that book cover! The little eyeballs are looking up at the big eyeballs thinking “There’s the nice lady who feeds me!”

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