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My Weekend in Pictures

The weekend began when David offered to take the kids to Plaster Fun Time.  Plaster Fun Time is super fun (for the kids!).  Last time we went, both S and G had a blast, and begged to go back soon.  This picture shows David saying, “Let’s go to PFT!”  Mom, Dad and S are happy.  G is yelling, “No!  No!  No!” I want to take the day off!”  G is sad.

photo 1-3

In the next picture, Mom, Dad, S and G are ALL sad.  They are sad, because G is yelling.

photo 2-3

In G’s first choice, everyone is sad.  Then, he makes a different choice.  He decides to go to Plaster Fun Time with Dad and S.  S makes a Hello Kitty statue and G makes Green Eggs and Ham.  When they come home, they say, “We had fun at PFT!” They show their projects to Mom.  Mom says, “Wow!  Good job!  I love Hello Kitty and Green Eggs and Ham!”

photo 3-2

The next set of pictures is about lunch.  Mom is in the kitchen making lunch.  She is happy and sad.  She’s happy because she likes giving her family healthy food to eat.  She’s sad because it’s hard work to make a meal for the whole family.

photo 4

In the next picture, Mom, Dad and S are saying, “Yum!  I love this food!  Thank you for baking it!”  G is saying, “No!   I don’t want this food!!!”

photo 5

In the next pictures, Mom and S sit at the table.  They are sad because of the yelling.  Dad brings G up to his room.  They are sad, too.

photo 2-4

photo 3-3

After G says, “I’m sorry I was yelling,” Dad and G come back to the table.  Mom gets G something different to eat.  G says, “Yay!  I like this food!”  He is happy.  Mom, Dad, and S say, “This food is cold.  It’s not yummy anymore.” They are sad.  Maybe next time, G will make a different choice.  It’s more fun when everyone is happy.

photo 4-2

And in the third episode, Mom says, “Let’s deliver the cookies we made to your teacher who lives on our street.”  G says, “I want to stay home and play on the iPad.”  Here’s what will happen if we follow G’s plan.  Mom is sad because she wanted to deliver the cookies.  G is happy because he gets to play on his iPad.

photo 5-2

Here’s what will happen if we follow Mom’s plan.  First, everyone will be happy.  Mom and G will be happy to see the teacher’s big smile.  G’s teacher will be happy to receive delicious cookies.

photo 1 copy

After that, G will be happy again, because he will get to play on his iPad.  Mom will be happy thinking about delivering the cookies.

photo 2-2

Guess what?  G made a great choice!  He chose to deliver the cookies!!  Now G’s teacher is happy with her delicious cookies.  And G is happy playing on his iPad.  And mom is happy because G made a good choice.

Sometimes we use social stories to work through emotions and the decision-making process.  Pictures help make things concrete.  It also helps to talk about choice in terms of “thinking about me” versus “thinking about others”.  I offer apologies for the less-than-professional-quality photos.  No apologies offered for the drawings.  That’s as good as it gets!


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  1. Those pictures are the work of a hard-working mom who loves her little guy. You can tell it’s Gabe, because he asks you to “bake” him cereal for breakfast. 🙂

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