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Just So You Know

We are taking a walk on beautiful Saturday morning. Out of nowhere, G initiates a conversation.


G: Just so you know, God does not exist.

Me: Oh really? How do you know God does not exist?
G: Well, I can’t see God. And I can’t feel God.

Me: You can’t feel God? Not even in your heart?

G: You can’t feel anything in your heart. Your heart is a muscle, and it has blood in it, not feelings. Just so you know.


Me: Does love exist?

G: (looking at me as if I’ve just sprouted two heads). OF COURSE love exists.

Me: Oh, really. Can you see love?

G: No.

IMG_2185Me: Can you feel love?

G: No.

Me: Well, if you can’t see love and you can’t feel love, then I guess love does not exist. Just so you know.


With one swift motion, G envelops me in an almost bone-crushing


G: I love you, mommy!

Me: I love you, too!



G: Just so you know, God does not exist.

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